Whether your preference is hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, or something else that’s way beyond the comprehension of the average person, participating in extreme sports requires proper training; in fact, one might say that extreme sports require extreme training. If you’re hoping to do something above and beyond what the average person does, you better be fully trained and well prepared, or you’re going to find yourself in a whole lot of trouble. Here are a few keys to keep in mind to help you train for extreme sports.

Perhaps the biggest key to extreme sports training, as well as one of the most overlooked aspects, is building up endurance and stamina. It may seem wise to do high-intensity workouts as a way to train for an intense activity, but most extreme sports are marathons rather than sprints, and will require you to maintain focus, as well as the energy to work hard, for long periods of time. You have to place an emphasis on your cardio workout, especially during the early stages of your training, and devise a routine that doesn’t wear you out in a short period of time so you can build up endurance; a huge part of extreme sports is finding an efficient way to spend your energy, and being able to keep a little extra in the tank for when you need it.